Travel Package To Pelabuhan Ratu Beach

Pelabuhan Ratu beach is a coastal port that has a distinctive beauty of the panorama. A mix between of steep beaches, gently sloping beaches, cliffs that against the background of forest nature reserves and mountains and swift rivers that flow can be used for rafting arena.

At the Pelabuhan Ratu beach, we have nine at least for surfing spot,  Batu Guram, Karang Sari, Samudra Beach, Cimaja, Karang Haji, Indicator, Sunset Beach, Ombak Tujuh dan Ujung Genteng. In certain months between May and October, these locations will normally be visited by surfers.

For activities on land, we can play go to the hot springs in Cisolok. It is located about 17 kilometers from Pelabuhan Ratu town. This hot spring is perfect for cleaning the skin of all diseases. because, the water contains a high sulfur element.

This is type of tour packages that we offer, to choose at least one package
if it is definitely the show schedule will be sent.

PELABUHAN RATU PACKAGE RP 256.000 – RP 342.000 / person
1. AC bus transport from start PP
2. Lodging during the event 2 pieces villa
3. Cipanas attraction admission Cisolok (hot tubs)
4. Parking in sights
5. Lunch, dinner (grilled fish), breakfast
6. bonfire


RAFTING PACKAGE Rp. 185.000/person
Rafting Equipment:
1. Life Jacket, Helmet, Paddle, Skipper (instructor), Rescue Team
2. 1 x Snack, 1 x Refreshment coconut rafting place finish
3. 1x Lunch a la Sundanese
4. Rafting Insurance
5. Toilet & Shower Facilities
6. Local transportation from the start / finish rafting
7. Rafting Certificate.

PAINTBALL PACKAGE Rp. 180.000/person
1. Paintball gear: combat uniforms, Semi Automatic Gun, 30 points
bullets, Glass Protector (Google), Body Protector, Insurance
2. Local Paintball Instructors trained & experienced
Place additional
3. Bullet pay the price of Rp. 25,000 (20 rounds)

PACKAGE OUTBOND Rp. 215.000/person
1. Flying fox term: 2 times,
2. Beas term balance: 1 time,
3. 3 ropes course term: 1 time,
4. river boarding

1. Additional food and drink out of the event
2. Other costs not listed in the above package prices beyond
agency responsibilities
3. If you take a rafting and paintball package price per person to Rp.
295 000
4. Advances a week before that day your choose transfer via BCA No.rek account:
0350.9982.92, AN. Abadi Purwadaksina
5. Contact Person to contact: Echa/0857.595.73.442
6. Departure at 07.00 am from the start

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